Rebuild by Design

IMG Rebel was selected for Sandy Rebuild by Design Competition.

The Challenge
In 2013, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan and chairman of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, launched Rebuild by Design. This multi-stage regional design competition promotes resilience for the Hurricane Sandy-affected region. The goal of the competition is two-fold: to promote innovation by developing regionally-scalable but locally-contextual solutions that increase resilience in the region, and to implement selected proposals with both public and private funding dedicated to this effort.

The greater New York and New Jersey coastal region contains a diverse and vibrant population. This region’s natural resources are the lifeblood of its economy. Water resources are critical to shipping, navigation, transportation, community water sources, tourism and outdoor recreation, in addition to recreational and commercial fishing. As evidenced by the tens of billions of dollars of damage inflicted on the densely populated New Jersey and New York coast in 2012, subpopulations in this region will be particularly vulnerable to climate-driven natural disasters.

The Solution
More than 140 potential teams from more than 15 countries submitted proposals, representing the top engineering, architecture, design, landscape architecture and planning firms as well as research institutes and universities worldwide. Ten teams made it to the final stages of the competition. IMG Rebel is member of one of these teams.

The Results
Through our collaborative process, we have found creative solutions that work at multiple scales and for multiple constituencies. We have combined the innovative, community-based approach of American firms with the Dutch systems approach, synthesizing regional planning, water management and building with nature.

IMG Rebel developed a framework for benefit-cost analysis to stimulate and support all teams to further think about the beneficial aspects of their projects and also to assess and improve their financial feasibility. We are currently developing implementation plans and funding and financing strategies for our team’s projects.