Jakarta Coastal Defense Strategy Program Management Unit

IMG Rebel is supporting the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in developing a public-private delivery scheme for funding and implementing the coastal defense of Jakarta.

The Challenge
North Jakarta is sinking at an average rate of three inches per year, increasing the risk of severe flooding for over three million people and $100 billion of economic assets. The Jakarta Coastal Defense Strategy (JCDS) program will develop a coastal defense strategy in combination with an urban revitalization master plan to raise the city’s resilience to rising sea and river levels. IMG Rebel is supporting the program management by articulating the strategy and master plan formulation process and developing potential public-private partnership (P3) and private sector engagement modalities that support the funding and implementation of the project.

The Solution
We are helping develop a fully functioning, embedded program management unit capable of managing this complex integrated program of water safety and urban (re)development. Based on the development of specific business cases and market capacity analysis a strategy will be developed to mobilize the private sector’s funding and delivery capacity to realize this integrated development over the coming 20-30 years. Considering the GOI’s budgetary and capability limitations, the effective use of P3 arrangements must be maximized to deliver this urgent program.