California High-Speed Rail Authority Phase I Project

Building high-speed rail requires an exceptional knowledge of finance and the industry. IMG Rebel possesses both of these attributes.

A big project for a big state
The California High-Speed Rail Authority retained IMG Rebel to serve as financial advisor for the Phase 1 Project, a $42.5 billion, 400-mile dedicated rail line from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

A financial plan leveraging a variety of funding sources
IMG Rebel developed the financial plan, including ways that the project could leverage public-private partnership approaches, value capture mechanisms, vendor finance, and uses of emission credits.

Helping to win a big grant
IMG Rebel also developed guidelines for selection of Authority segments based on financial criteria and managed the “request for expressions of interest” (RFEI) process to set assumptions about the timing and level of private participation for the project. IMG Rebel assisted the Authority in successfully applying for the $2.25 billion ARRA grant and applying for three other FRA grants and provided support on high-speed rail regulatory issues.