Aviation Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Aviation growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is second only to Asia, and a burst of demand like this inevitably creates challenges and opportunities. IMG Rebel is here to help.

Regional knowledge is essential for effectiveness
Being an expert in finance and management is essential for the work we do in aviation, but there is no substitute for regional experience. IMG Rebel has built up this knowledge in multiple projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Working with the Airports Authority of Jamaica
Beginning in the 1990s, Norman Manley International and Sangster International Airports of Jamaica were being considered public-private partnership (P3) opportunities. IMG Rebel was hired by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)/Airports Authority of Jamaica to prepare the airports for privatization. We undertook a comprehensive performance review and management audit of both Norman Manley and Sangster International Airports. This work included analyzing the operations, concessions, safety, security, human resources, and capital planning functions vis-à-vis competitive airports in the region.

IMG Rebel also made recommendations aimed at upgrading the airport to a commercially competitive level. This approach included the creation of directives designed to improve staff performance and management. We then conducted a training program for senior managers covering airport commercialization and improved customer service delivery.

As a follow-on assignment, IMG Rebel conducted a similar review of the restructuring of the Airports Authority of Jamaica following the privatization of Sangster International Airport. Thereafter, IMG was asked to update its performance review for the Airports Authority of Jamaica to consider changes in the aviation market and the value of the privatization of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

Teaming up with the Inter-American Development Bank
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) needed a group of aviation experts to help organize and facilitate their annual Transportation Week seminar in 2013. IMG Rebel was chosen to prepare and participate in the weeklong seminar designed to educate the IDB’s transportation specialists on the aviation landscape in Latin America. The seminar focused on airport finance, market regulation, economic regulation, and technical regulation. Major conference themes included the impact and challenges of deregulation, airport public-private partnerships (P3), finance, and concessions were an ever-present part of the seminar as well.

To help the IDB prepare for the seminar, the IMG Rebel team conducted in-depth research on aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean, examined global airport and airline trends, organized a network of presenters and content providers, and three members of the IMG Rebel team presented on their topics of expertise: airport finance, airport P3s, and airport technical regulation. Finally, two case studies on Brazil and Jamaica’s airport concessions were produced and presented.

Following the seminar IMG Rebel produced a detailed monograph report covering aspects of market and economic regulation, technical regulation, and a synopsis of the case studies presented at the seminar.