Audit of Chicago Metropolitan Area Transit Agencies

IMG Rebel was called upon to play the important role of trusted public advisor, to assess the performance of Chicago-area transit agencies.

IMG Rebel conducted an extensive performance audit of the four Chicago-area public transit agencies

At the direction of the Illinois state legislature and in support of the Illinois Auditor General, IMG Rebel conducted an extensive, high-profile management and performance audit examining four Chicago-area public transit agencies: the Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, Pace, and the Regional Transportation Authority. Targeted functional areas included operations, financial management, revenue, capital program, staffing, compensation and benefits, planning, contracting and procurement, pensions, and real property.

IMG Rebel delivered positive changes for the region’s transit systems through our award-winning work
The audit was delivered in April 2007 and was widely praised among policymakers and the Chicago media as a fair and accurate assessment of the performance and challenges facing these agencies. The performance audit was awarded the "Excellence in Accountability Award" by the National State Auditors' Association (NSAA) in 2008, their highest award for an audit of a large government agency. The Illinois legislature adopted many of IMG Rebel’s recommendations in funding and re-organization legislation.

The report is posted online for public viewing
A copy of this audit can be found at: