Waste and Recycling

We can create jobs and good business if we make more use of our waste.

What goes around should keep going around
IMG Rebel believes in the notion of a circular economy that is, by design, restorative. Consumer material flows are made up of two compositions: biological nutrients that are designed to reenter the biosphere safely and technical nutrients that should be designed to continuously circulate throughout the economy with a minimized need for disposal. We can no longer afford to be a throwaway society; waste is a significant resource for valuable materials.

Waste is good business
A greater number of companies want to make waste their business and take part in the circular economy. They are developing innovative techniques that make recycling a more effective and less expensive choice. There is much more potential for profit in waste than is being realized at the moment and our broad knowledge of the waste and recycling sector - combined with our public-private partnership (P3) expertise - will change this.

A balance of responsibilities
We understand the nuances of P3s based on years of transaction experience. We speak the language of both the public and private sectors and understand how to allocate risks to maximize value for money for both parties. This is why we feel at home in the waste and recycling sector.

We perform feasibility studies of waste and recycling projects using advanced financial modeling techniques to develop business cases, make assessments of sector performance, and structure and optimize innovative cooperation models between the public and the private sector. If there is a demand for improvement, we are there to offer our services.

An international knowledge base
We work closely with our international sustainability team. The Netherlands is ranked in the top three countries in North Western Europe for sustainable waste management and recycling, and RebelGroup is viewed as the advisory market leader in this sector.

We strive to achieve the perfect balance of responsibilities between public authorities, private companies, and our communities. We bring significant added value to this sector in the U.S. by utilizing our knowledge of new waste and recycling strategies based on a proven track record of implementation. In order to keep a circular economy moving, innovation is a necessity - and the cutting edge is where we perform best.

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