Transit and Intercity Passenger Rail

Americans want more transit and intercity rail
Demand for transit facilities is at an all time high. More stringent environmental regulations, public awareness, increased desire by millennials and empty nesters to live in cities, and reduced car ownership is driving the expansion of these facilities that include: bus, bus rapid transit, streetcar, light rail, commuter rail, intercity and high-speed passenger rail. In addition, new technologies like real time scheduling, automated fare collection systems, and compressed natural gas make transit usage more convenient and comfortable.

However... transit and intercity rail face many challenges
Transit and intercity rail continue to face funding and financial challenges. These difficulties are exacerbated when traditional forms of funding, such local sales taxes or federal grants, are stretched. Furthermore, transit and intercity rail are often made up of highly complex systems that utilize complicated equipment, large workforces, and multi-jurisdictional stakeholders.

IMG Rebel helps solve these problems by first building sustainable funding and financing plans, and then helping our clients to execute them
IMG Rebel’s professionals work throughout the U.S. and internationally helping transit agencies at the local, state, and federal level develop funding and financing plans that consider both traditional and the most innovative tools available today. These include such funding sources as sales tax and value capture, and financing approaches such as municipal bond issuance and innovative finance – all of which are increasingly available from state and federal agencies. Our plans consider the need for flexibility given that traditionally reliable funding sources are subject to legislative vagaries or dips in the regional economy. We also help transit and rail agencies with grant applications and financial transaction execution.

IMG Rebel has a wealth of experience advising clients on public-private partnerships (P3). With the increasing attractiveness of P3 availability payment mechanisms, we advise transit and rail clients on how to leverage private sector innovation, reduce life-cycle costs, and realize ambitious projects that are built and operated in the public interest to utilize this innovative delivery and financing mechanism.

We actively advise on performance management
In our performance management work, IMG Rebel assists transit and rail agencies to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve service levels. We help state and federal grant agencies and regulatory bodies move from broad legislative directives and funding innovations towards project-specific, locally-sensitive guidance and implementation.

Our performance management work includes the following tasks:
• organization and services planning
• mergers and restructuring analyses
• benchmarking and performance measurement
• best practices identification and implementation
• performance and operations auditing.

Project selection

California High-Speed Rail Authority Phase I Project

Client: California High-Speed Rail Authority


Warwick Intermodal Facility (Interlink)

Client: USDOT TIFIA Joint Program Office


Financial Advisory for Miami OCITT

Client: Miami Office of the Citizens Independent Transportation Trust