Real Estate and Social Infrastructure

Complex real estate sector
The real estate sector is broad and complex with many connections to other sectors. People need buildings to cater to a whole host of needs. Apart from commercial real estate, real estate includes social infrastructure such as schools, community buildings, prisons, museums, government buildings, and healthcare facilities including hospitals, outpatient clinics and homes for the elderly.

Specific and general challenges
Apart from specific changes and challenges, the U.S. economy is having to come to terms with the fact that the “sky is no longer the limit.” The recent real estate crisis and the continued number of empty office buildings bear testimony to this. New trends, such as increased demand for city living or being able to walk to employment and entertainment centers are changing the industry. These are new concerns that merit new solutions.

IMG Rebel looks with new eyes...
At IMG Rebel we have deep experience in a variety of sectors and this enables us to examine a specific problem with fresh eyes. In real estate our interest lies with the public and quasi-public sectors. We know quite a lot about banks, for instance, but we also know how education and healthcare are organized. That knowledge comes in very handy when we advise a hospital, a local government or a developer on a new construction or a renovation project.

...from a financial and economic perspective
Our financial experience makes us experts at creating win-win situations for public and private parties. We can put together a feasibility model – by assessing whether the construction of a hospital is feasible, for instance. We also manage innovative market approaches and procurements. We also assist with financing and fund formation.

IMG Rebel strives to achieve value-for-money
Our goal is to professionalize the real estate sector by introducing life cycle costing, sustainable solutions and flexibility, and thereby creating better value for money.