Strategy Consulting

We are passionate strategic thinkers, and nothing excites us more than helping organizations develop coherent strategies and the tools to implement them. In our work for public and private clients, we often take a three-phased approach when advising clients on strategy and performance: we analyze the situation, develop a coherent strategy, and finally lay the groundwork for continuous implementation of that strategy long after our services are finished.

Situational analysis sets the tone for success
We begin our work by analyzing the client’s situation, reviewing key documents and interviewing executives, the line staff, and cross-departmental teams. We also engage with the direct stakeholders—board members, facility users, oversight agencies — as well as with the indirect stakeholders — such as business groups, labor groups, major regional employment generators, and key government agencies in the client’s region. Our objective is to gain a clear perspective on the infrastructure entity’s performance and role in the regional economy and to distill the key strategic themes of the region that might be incorporated in the client’s strategy.

We often benchmark the organization’s performance against their best performing peers, using a variety of published data and primary research. This helps us further identify performance trends, areas for improvement or success, and measurable performance gaps between peers and the client. The conclusion of the situational analysis often includes a strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analysis (SWOT).

Strategic plan development represents the pivotal “next step”
We help our clients develop mission and vision statements as well as other important strategy elements. We do this in part through a series of intensive workshops with the client team. Our consultants encourage our clients to think carefully about their chosen strategies to ensure that they are appropriate for the organization, can be easily communicated, and are implemented efficiently with the least amount of resources. To improve organizational buy-in we strongly believe in calibrating the proposed strategy by discussing it with a variety of employee groups.

IMG Rebel’s performance management expertise helps clients hold themselves accountable
IMG Rebel adopts a holistic approach to performance management. While we strive to provide our clients with benchmark performance measures from comparable entities, we ultimately work with our clients to establish their own baseline performance. We accomplish this by facilitating periodic performance reporting and mapping and analyzing day-to-day business processes. These initiatives often require a re-assessment of information technology (IT) needs. This bespoke approach to performance management provides our clients with the most relevant information possible.

We understand how important information technology is for implementing a credible performance management system
Organizations increasingly rely on information technology to evaluate their own performance. IMG Rebel evaluates the organization’s business intelligence IT architecture and develops a strategic plan to align it with its performance management and monitoring needs.

We cross the finish line with our clients by helping them implement their strategy
We work with the client team to develop short and long-term tactical goals that are used to implement the chosen strategy. Depending on the client’s needs, we may also help departments or work units develop specific action plans. Finally, we strongly believe in tools to monitor performance through progress tracking, internal and external performance measures, and publishing updates on strategy implementation.

Project selection

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Client: Irish Commission for Aviation Regulation


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Client: Global Program Partners (GPP)/Philadelphia International Airport


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Client: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority