Public-Private Partnership (P3) Advisory

We strive to create durable economic and service value for our P3 clients
We believe that there is not so much a shortage of capital for infrastructure, but there is a great need for motivated capital – capital that brings with it new efficiencies and service innovations. Not only can P3s facilitate public investment projects by providing private financing, but they also stimulate the market to deliver projects more timely, more efficiently, and with more value-for-money (VfM). To help assess the expected attractiveness of P3s over conventional contracting, IMG Rebel developed the VfM assessment methodology for the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and has assisted many other agencies across the world. Moreover, we have performed VfM assessments for numerous projects in different sectors ranging from such unique projects as highways, schools, rail infrastructure, and prisons.

Our P3 advisory expertise is second to none
IMG Rebel supports public authorities in structuring delivery methods and procurement strategies for their investment projects. We know which incentives work in practice and which risk allocation options create real VfM for the public. IMG Rebel has developed standard contact documentation for toll concession P3s and availability payment P3s in the US and across the world. Moreover, we have a proven track record demonstrating our success as a financial and transaction advisor for numerous transactions around the world including all types of equity, debt and availability payment structures. For example, our team was awarded the Dutch Ministry of Finance renovation project and road infrastructure deal of the year Via Zaventem in Belgium.

IMG Rebel successfully supported investor consortia in developing winning bids on P3 transactions. On the basis of our understanding of project finance and public sector objectives, IMG Rebel advises bidding consortia on structuring their bid strategies and financing structure. IMG Rebel possesses a state-of-the-art, investment-grade financial analysis capability to facilitate the development of financial proposals, capturing the complex structures of public-private financing while allowing for concise analysis and financial package optimization.

Innovation is our mantra
IMG Rebel is also at the forefront of developing new funding, financing, and contracting methods for complex projects. We are constantly challenging ourselves to pioneer new ways for approaching P3s, which is why we are setting up innovative partnerships to initiate depopulated area development and financing solutions for post-Sandy flood prevention and climate adaptation projects. Projects like these do not just benefit from new ideas, they demand them.

Project selection

Jakarta Coastal Defense Strategy Program Management Unit

Client: Government of Indonesia and the Netherlands


Best Practices and Model Contracts for Highway P3s

Client: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Office of Innovative Program Delivery (OIPD), USDOT


California High-Speed Rail Authority Phase I Project

Client: California High-Speed Rail Authority