Management and Technology Consulting

Management advisory services
Infrastructure companies at all levels are under tremendous pressure to “modernize” — that is, to reform their core services through technology and process innovations while satisfying the demands of their political constituents. They must do all this within the context of an aging workforce, deteriorating physical infrastructure, and a business environment that demands both transparency and accountability. These pressures are forcing infrastructure institutions, both public and private, to adapt cutting-edge management practices and technologies from private industry that enable them to achieve dramatic savings and performance improvement.

IMG Rebel has a depth of industry experience and operating expertise in the aviation, surface transportation, power/water/sewer utilities, parking and public works communities. Our experience, coupled with focused strategic and operational consulting services – enterprise assessment, strategic planning, organization restructuring, asset management, performance management systems, procurement advisory, information technology planning and complex systems integration – help public sector organizations create new public value. This also includes optimizing operational capacity and mobilizing the political support necessary for sustaining big improvements. Moreover, IMG Rebel’s principals and consultants are committed to collaborating with clients to build their internal capacity to achieve meaningful and long-lasting results.

While IMG Rebel’s consulting approach is tailored to the specific needs and environments of each client, we apply a proven people-plus-technology philosophy to every client engagement.

Case for action – we are committed to understanding the key drivers behind each client’s needs so that we can help our client managers achieve their goals and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

Client capability building – each of our engagements is structured to maximize the development of in-house client skills and capabilities. While we bring a wealth of experience to every situation and we provide strategic operational advice, we believe that our primary job is to collaborate with client managers and staff and support their efforts to create value for the public.

Meaningful, lasting results – we recognize that while we are often called on to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, develop recommendations, and deliver reports, our primary focus is to collaborate with client managers and staff to implement solutions that continually measure progress and drive ever-improving performance.

Technology services
IMG Rebel assists public infrastructure clients across the complete life cycle of their information technology, performance management, and operating systems. Our approach merges hard-nosed operational and technical experience in all functions of our local services and utilities, aviation and surface transportation sector clients with a pragmatic people-first approach to change management. Our management and technology professionals can help answer your most pressing questions:

  • How do I restructure my organization and streamline my business process to lower costs and improve service?
  • How do I navigate the complexities of systems and process re-design, and software selection?
  • How can I leverage technology to better serve customers within reasonable cost parameters?
  • What are the available enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and are they right for my enterprise?
  • When is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution preferable to custom built?
  • What application, infrastructure, or business process outsourcing options are right for me?
  • How can I make the budgetary and personnel case for my performance improvement initiative?

From initial needs assessment through post-implementation management, IMG Rebel – and our extensive network of technology partners – can ensure the success of initiatives by integrating the process, change management and systems necessary. Our business cases are grounded in performance goals, and driven by experience and hard analysis rather than sales and hype. Our implementation efforts are framed by the value equation – be it improved service delivery, efficiency, compliance, or other factors – not to sell software or services, our proven results stand as a testament to our client’s success.

Whether the pressing issue is call center automation, asset management systems, or improvements to the accuracy and timeliness of management and financial reporting, our knowledge and resource base can be of service to your current and future needs.

Project selection

Consulting for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Client: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Texas Highway Advisory Projects

Client: Texas Department of Transportation