Financial Structuring and Transaction Advisory

IMG Rebel thrives on helping public and private organizations identify the best financial solutions, period. IMG Rebel does this through careful economic and financial feasibility analyses, from a project’s inception to its financial execution.

We take pride in our financial analysis and modeling capabilities
IMG Rebel carries out financial analyses to help our clients assess the ability of a project or an existing entity to finance a capital investment. Using the techniques of project and corporate finance, IMG Rebel maps out how new facilities, capital expansions, and acquisitions can be funded with a variety of debt and equity sources, innovative finance, and improved business performance. This work may involve enterprise funds, non-recourse debt or revenue bonds, or establishing new corporate entities - such as public authorities. It can also serve as an input for developing new regulatory frameworks or performing valuations.

IMG Rebel follows “FAST” financial modeling standards, a methodology which many leading international financial advisors and institutions have already subscribed to. By building our models to “FAST” standards, we ensure that they are flexible enough to adjust to changing requirements, adhere to strict quality guidelines, and avoid becoming the dreaded “black boxes” that nobody can understand except for the modelers themselves. This approach guarantees that the entire development team can understand the assumptions and outputs. Because of this modeling expertise, IMG Rebel is regularly engaged to audit the financial models of its public and private clients.

We are always active in the economic assessment space
IMG Rebel applies a variety of economic techniques when creating inputs to financial analyses or addressing specific client challenges. These techniques include conducting evaluations of a project’s or organization’s revenue potential, operating costs, and alternative revenue-earning opportunities such as real estate development. IMG Rebel also helps our clients develop activity forecasts and project future rates, charges, and fee schedules. Working closely with IMG Rebel’s industry specialists, we assess the programmatic and technical requirements of new capital facilities. Depending on the assignment, IMG Rebel also employs the related techniques of benefit-cost analysis and economic impact analysis.

Financial advisory is the core of our business
As expert financial advisors, the IMG Rebel team assists clients in executing transactions and obtaining grant funding. IMG Rebel works closely with our clients’ internal, legal, and other advisors to ensure that the intent of the financing is properly executed - in its documentation through internal processes, and in the marketplace. IMG Rebel helps clients with rating agency presentations, selecting underwriters and other financial intermediaries, and advises them on market terms. We help clients apply for, and negotiate with federal and local funding bodies such as the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), state infrastructure banks, and municipal governments.

Vast experience with public-private partnerships
IMG Rebel manages public-private partnership (P3) procurements on behalf of governments. We have an extensive understanding of innovative finance sources and techniques that are becoming increasingly important for the realization of P3s and other ground-breaking infrastructure projects. From dedicated sales taxes to state revolving loan funds, to value capture techniques (including tax-increment finance (TIF), joint-development financing, and impact fees), IMG Rebel’s professionals have worked with a number of local, state, federal and international programs to critically contribute to helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

Project selection

Warwick Intermodal Facility (Interlink)

Client: USDOT TIFIA Joint Program Office


Panama City-Bay County Airport Relocation and Expansion

Client: Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport/Panama City-Bay County Airport


Former Howard Air Force Base Financial Advisory

Client: The International Finance Corporation (IFC)/Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone Agency